As congregations move into the process of planning church budgets or spending plans for the coming year, the Compensation Guidelines Committee provides the following highlights for rostered leaders and council leaders.

A few things to highlight in the Guidelines: 

  • The Synod Assembly approved a 7% increase, plus the normal step increase for years of service, to account for the several years of inflation that our guidelines did not keep up with adequately because the guidelines are approved in advance of the budget year.
  • Our Synod Compensation Guidelines provide a compensation chart that goes through 35 years of service, but some rostered leaders have served much longer.  This year, we added guidance for how to look at compensation for leaders who have served beyond 35 years.   “For each year of experience beyond 35 years, use the COLA guidelines provided by the synod for yearly increases.”
  • The Synod Assembly approved an increase in the rates for both Lay and Ordained Pulpit Supply.  The new rate is $175 plus IRS mileage for one service.  Any additional services on a Sunday are to be compensated an additional $50.  This is based on several considerations: congregations having a hard time recruiting limited pulpit supply, the number of hours that are involved in preparation and worship leadership, comparing our guidelines with surrounding synods, and finally considering similar local rates for officiating at a funeral. 

Other helpful links can be found on the Synod website, including a link to the Portico Benefits Calculator that is an accurate tool for estimating upcoming costs for health insurance and other benefits.

Members of the synod staff and the Compensation Guidelines Committee are available to help explain the Guidelines or assist with planning conversations in the congregation setting, if that is helpful. 

Pastor Janel Kuester, Compensation Committee Chair
Pastor Heather Culuris, Synod Minister


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