Annual Congregation Meetings

Annual Meeting Resources

On this page, you will find resources to help you plan for annual congregation meetings.

Congregational Annual Meeting

The purpose of the annual meeting is for church members to make decisions that affect their common life together and to conduct the official business for the year. The agenda is therefore structured like a business meeting. It is also a time to celebrate the congregation’s life. One way to do this is to separate the meeting into three segments: “Stating our purpose together as a congregation”; “Celebrating the life we have had together in the past year”; and “Looking ahead to how God is leading us into the future."

The ELCA Constitution for Congregations states that the powers of the congregation are vested in the congregational meeting called and conducted as provided in this constitution and bylaws. (C5.02.) Congregations hold annual meetings at a time specified in their bylaws.

Annual Reports

Congregations may request written reports from committees, president, treasurer, and financial secretary. These reports should reflect on the past year. The presiding bishop and the synod bishop will also provide annual reports to congregations/organizations. The presiding bishop’s report comes in the spring for synod assemblies. Click here for Bishop Dee Pederson's Message for Annual Meetings. (posted Jan. 4, 2024)

Embody the Word Serving the Word Living the Word text

2023 Annual Report Covers

Churchwide provides an Annual Report Cover that includes:

  • The cover
  • A Message from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton
  • Litany & Hymn

Download a 8.5x11 PDF Cover

Rostered Leader Reports

Rostered leaders may write a report to share at their annual meeting. They also fill out an online form that gets submitted directly to the synod bishop. This is a report that reflects upon the past year and looks ahead to the next year. Go to the Rostered Leaders’ Report to the Bishop web page for forms and more information.

Annual Checklist

At the beginning of every year, the synod office asks each congregation to share the following information:

Other Helpful Resources

Understanding our ministry together is important. Together we achieve things on a scale and scope that we could never do otherwise. Share these resources with your council and congregation/organization.

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