Youth & Family Ministry

As a church that is energized by lively engagement in our faith and life, the ELCA offers a variety of opportunities for youth to grow in and explore their faith.

Youth With Hands on Pastor


Join the SW MN Synod Youth Ministers Group on Facebook

Request to join the group. This group has been created for Youth Ministers in the SW MN Synod (and their friends) to share ideas and strengthen one another in ministry. Please use this group to do things such as ask questions, seek opinions and share resources.

Like and follow the SW MN Synod Youth!

Here is where we will be posting pictures and updates about our gatherings, events, LYO board, or our ELCA Youth.

Hashtag: #swmnyouth

Youth Ministry Resources

The Youth Ministry program of the ELCA provides and supports resources, information, networking, and programs for people who serve in ministries with youth and young adults.

Stay Connected

We are church together. From small congregations on the prairie to large congregations in urban centers (and everything in between), we come together as the Southwestern Minnesota Synod.

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