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Worship supply availability for each person may change from time to time, so what is listed is a general idea of availability. If a rostered or lay minister’s preferences re: travel distance or worship formats are not included, please contact the individual for more information.

The Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion are administered by a Minister of Word and Sacrament — a pastor in the ELCA or a Full Communion church body. These people are indicated on the Rostered Minister Worship Supply list. A Lay Preacher can lead and preach for a worship service.

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Pastor Shaking Hands

Lay Preacher Worship Supply List

Guidelines: For Sunday mornings and midweek services, the congregation or parish shall compensate the supply pastor or worship leader $175 for the first worship service, plus $50 for each additional worship service on the same day. Auto reimbursement shall be at the current IRS standard mileage rate ($.67 per mile effective Jan. 1, 2024).

City & Distance Available to Travel Name Phone Email
AtwaterLinda Summerlet320-979-8319[email protected]
BelgradeDavid S. Clark320-254-3304[email protected]
EdinaJacob Ulland715-379-5643[email protected]
Hanley Falls (40+ mi)Tim Velde507-828-5343[email protected]
HectorTerrylea Ness320-212-2860[email protected]
Jackson (60 mi)Pam Tracey507-847-3132[email protected]
Lake WilsonJohn Lupkes952-913-7133[email protected]
LitchfieldCami Peterson-DeVries320-287-0313[email protected]
Madelia (100 mi)Ralph Flitter507-317-4204[email protected]
MadisonJennifer McDuffie Warnock320-305-4955[email protected]
MarshallSteve Jacobson507-530-3557[email protected]
MaynardKaren Jacobson320-564-4170[email protected]
MinneapolisJeffrey Schulz612-325-5410[email protected]
Montevideo (50 mi)Jayme Winter612-708-0573[email protected]
New UlmDavid Sellnow507-404-0026[email protected]
PaynesvilleJudy Sandgren320-276-8217[email protected]
Sacred Heart (60 mi)Danette Hendrickson320-894-9161[email protected]
Saint CloudJim Hahn320-247-2849[email protected]
Saint JamesRick Carlson (Vicar)507-381-3538[email protected]
SpicerSteve Van Meter320-894-9566[email protected]
TrimontShirley Carlson507-736-2040/507-736-4728[email protected]
Trimont (60 mi)Karen Koeder507-639-6275[email protected]
WillmarTodd Lynum320-905-4448[email protected]

Rostered Minister Worship Supply List

City & Distance Name Phone Email Status Availability
AlexandriaRev. John Smith320-219-6134[email protected]Rostered Minister
AnnandaleRev. Margo Martens608-843-3245[email protected]Rostered Minister
AtwaterRev. Grant Fischer320-444-3517[email protected]Rostered Minister
Benson (60 mi one way)Rev. Gary Mills646-248-3341[email protected]Rostered Minister
BloomingtonRev. David Grant952-737-7474[email protected]Rostered Minister
Buffalo (30 mi radius)Rev. Melanie Lichtenberg763-292-1151[email protected]Rostered Minister
ClintonRev. Denise Fossen763-516-2026[email protected]Rostered Minister
Cosmos (up to 60 mi)Rev. Duane Kamrath507-832-9252[email protected]Rostered Minister
FairmontRev. Jackie Ziemer507-240-2100[email protected]Rostered MinisterAll but 1st Sunday
GaylordRe. Larry Glaeske507-237-4195[email protected]Rostered Minister
Hutchinson (100 mi roundtrip)Rev. Donna Olsen516-578-6589[email protected]Rostered Minister
LeSueurRev. David Christenson605-321-0868[email protected]Rostered Ministerup to 60 miles
MankatoRev. Joe Smith507-304-2508[email protected]Rostered Minister
Mankato (50 mi one way)Rev. Rebecca Sullivan507-380-6180[email protected]Rostered Minister
Marshall (50 mi one way)Rev. Bruce Berg507-401-6595[email protected]Rostered Minister
MinneapolisRev. Don Schultz320-685-8066[email protected]Rostered Minister
Minneapolis (60 mi one way)Rev. Angela LaMoore952-212-3355[email protected]Rostered Minister
NorthfieldRev. John Quam507-645-0114[email protected]Rostered Minister
Paynesville (100 mi)Rev. Rick Hoyme715-579-6208[email protected]Rostered Minister
RichfieldRev. James Synder612-869-8873[email protected]Rostered Minister
RosevilleRev. Evelyn Dahlke651-592-2638[email protected]Rostered Minister
Saint CloudRev. Trudy Powell218-368-9558[email protected]Rostered Minister
Saint CloudRev. Stephen Cook320-310-8851[email protected]Rostered Minister
Saint PaulRev. Bonnie Lomen320-310-8851[email protected]Rostered Minister
Saint PeterRev. Dennis Frank507-402-6425[email protected]Rostered Minister
Saint Paul to Sioux Falls, SDRev. Paul Hanson[email protected]Rostered Minister
Saint PeterRev. Grady St. Dennis507-933-7661[email protected]Rostered Minister
Saint Peter (100 mi)Rev. Dr. William C. Nelsen507-327-2149[email protected]Rostered Minister
Saint Peter (60 mi)Rev. Ted Kunze507-995-4277[email protected]Rostered Minister
Sauk Centre (25 mi)Rev. Donald Reisig Deacon Dawn Reisig701-371-8374 701-637-4352[email protected]Rostered Ministers (two for one $)
Sauk Rapids (up to 1 hr away)Rev. Linda Tenneson320-252-5642[email protected]Rostered Minister
Sauk Rapids (also Willmar)Rev. Jerry Dirks320-260-2328[email protected]Rostered Minister
ShakopeeRev. Roy Williams507-360-8383[email protected]Rostered Minister
ShakopeeRev. Paul Hadlund218-310-3479[email protected]Rostered Minister
Waconia (60 mi)Rev. Janet Warnes507-458-1960[email protected]Rostered MinisterWithin 60 miles
Watertown, MNRev. Susan Engholm320-293-1811[email protected]Rostered Minister
WillmarRev. Tim Larson320-979-4505[email protected]Rostered Minister
WillmarRev. Ingrid Skilbred267-421-7374[email protected]Rostered Minister
WoodburyRev. William Larson651-735-0275[email protected]Rostered Minister
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