Pastor, Need a Sunday Off?

Check out the Renewal in Ministry Grant! 

Thanks to generous support from the Lilly Endowment Inc., the Gifts of Grace program is offering a one-time grant to give a Sunday off to rostered ministers called the Renewal in Ministry Grant.   

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Why is this being offered?   

The SW MN Synod and other participants in Lilly Endowment Inc.’s initiative, Equipping Faithful Stewards: Financial Strategies for Pastors in All Seasons were invited to apply for additional funding to address the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on pastors.  This Renewal in Ministry Grant is one way the Gifts of Grace leadership decided to use some of these nonmatching funds so that those who wish to take some additional time off to re-charge their batteries, may do so with no cost to their place of call.   

How does the grant work?   

Rostered ministers will work with their leadership to determine a Sunday off that won’t count as one of their vacation Sundays.  The grant from Gifts of Grace will pay for the cost of a substitute worship leader and mileage.   

A simple application can be found on the Grants site of the synod webpage. The application asks for details such as date, number of worship services, mileage, and the name of the substitute worship leader.  The application needs to be in by December 31, 2023, but the Sunday off may be taken in 2024.  The grant will be sent to the place of call.  

Other uses for these Phase III funds include the following:  money to reimburse rostered minsters for the expenses caused by the COVID-19, support for those who sign up for coaching, and money given to our conferences to support for fellowship. Please reach out to Pastor Andrew Hermodson-Olsen, Gifts of Grace director, if you wish to hear more.  The Phase III funds expire at the end of the year.      

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