A new cohort of Faithful Innovation is beginning this fall in the Southwestern Minnesota Synod. The last group of pastors and congregations who engaged in these conversations began in 2019, are revisiting what a difference it made for themselves and their congregations in navigating uncertain ministry waters and expanding the conversation.  This faithful cohort would like to commend this program to you.

If you, dear ministry partner, are sensing there needs to be a change in your congregation, but you’re not sure how to lead it—this program might be for you.  If you are feeling depleted and frustrated in how you communicate vision and mission with your congregational leaders—this program may be for you.  If you are ready to tackle questions of how to lead church in a rapidly changing landscape—this cohort is ready to walk alongside as we, together, find avenues of new ideas, not just ministry as usual. 

Hear it from your colleagues: Faithful Innovation made a difference in their ministry! 

Troy Pflibsen @ Zion in Litchfield: 

“Faithful Innovation transformed the community of Zion. It reminded us that God is already at work in our lives and in the world. And because this is true, it powerfully reminded us that our ministry is to join God in this work. This reminder came at the beginning of the pandemic and helped us to remember that our goal as a community was not to entice people into our building, a goal that could not be realized for several months. Our goal was to join God out in the neighborhood, which could be lived out even in the pandemic. From my perspective this shift, this reminder, was critical for Zion. Dare I to say it? It helped Zion to thrive in the pandemic rather than just survive. We focused on the possibilities in the neighborhood and not the losses in the building.” 

Justin Ask @ Vinje in Willmar: 

“The Faithful Innovations process helped Vinje begin a crucial visioning process which has already been fruitful for our congregational life.  For example: our leadership listened to the needs of our community around childcare.  We have an existing childcare and preschool on site. LFI helped us to ask crucial questions to how we could meet this need, serve our neighbor, and proclaim the gospel of Jesus to the youngest among us.  In 2022, we expanded our sites to two.  By the end of 2023, we anticipate opening sites three and four.  LFI helped to open up our imaginations to pursuing avenues of radical hospitality, furthering outreach, and reaching for more sustainable revenue streams into the future.” 

Jennifer Thul @ Resurrection in St. Joseph: 

“One of the experiments our Guiding Team of six people decided to do was Walk the Neighborhood. We were curious to discover what God was up to in the community, so we headed downtown. The question we wanted to ask was, “What is God up to in St. Joseph?” Since we were grappling with how to answer this same God question in our lives and our congregation, we changed the wording. “Where do you see or experience hope in St. Joseph?” 

The answers led to conversations about supportive customers, people who shop in local, small businesses and the desire to continue to reach out to and involve the growing Somali population. The four out of six team members who participated in this experiment were energized by the experience. This led to a desire to try something else.” 

Inspired? Moved by the stories? Looking to reframe the vision of your faith community?
More information will be coming about your opportunity to join this learning community, called “Faithful Innovation.” Stay tuned!

If you are interested in participating in the fall cohort, please contact:

Pr. Troy Pflibsen, Director for Evangelical Mission.
Email: [email protected]
Direct Office Phone: 507-627-9045

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