Coaching in Southwestern MN Synod

We are recruiting people for Coach Training right now (Summer 2022).  If you want to learn how to use listening skills and ask powerful questions to move people forward in their own goals, we’d love to have you!

The 21st Century is 22 years young, and we as a church are just beginning to discover what it means to be “21st Century Church”.  One of the ways the SW MN Synod is banding together to do that is by creating a Coaching Network.  This network of coaches will be a resource to synod congregations and rostered leaders to walk alongside them in discerning calls, identity and mission for this moment in time. This ministry will support Faithful Innovation leaders and congregations, partnership (yoked) congregations, and individual rostered leaders. 

The ELCA has a fast track for getting you going, known as Level 1 and Level 2 (before you reach the first International Coaching Federation training level of ACC). To learn more about the professional standards, check out the website of the International Coaching Federation (ICF): Come to the in person Coaching Training, August 22-24, 2022, at Green Lake Bible Camp, Spicer, MN. Or visit the online trainings available here. There will be funding available from the synod as we train coaches to build a coaching network. 

The Coaching Training happening in the SW MN Synod includes two components: 

  • The first is ELCA Level 1 Coaching. This is the foundational course that will equip the participant with skills to support individual leaders. This course is all day Monday and Tuesday, August 22nd and 23rd.
  • The second component is Team Coaching, and it will be all day on August 24th. This builds on the Level 1 Coaching training and equips the participant with the skills to support groups and congregations. 

You are welcome to sign up for one or both courses. Please note that the Level 1 training is a prerequisite for the Team Coach training.  

For more information about coaching and/or the training in August contact Pastor Kirsten Nelson Roenfeldt, SWMN Coaching Coordinator at [email protected] or 320-200-9295; or Pastor Troy Pflibsen, SWMN DEM at [email protected] or 320-221-1614.

Register for the SW MN Synod Coaching Training

What is coaching?
Coaching is the process of a trained individual walking alongside a person or group to help them discern their next steps in their work or life.  In this case, in their ministry together.  Whether the coach works with a pastor or a team of leaders in a congregation, the goal is to help our church move forward into the 21st century in the best ways we can, supporting each other along the way. More here.

Does Receiving Coaching Cost Anything?
Yes, a coach has been professionally trained and charges a fee, much like another professional (ie piano teacher or voice coach) that you might utilize in your life for official/formal support. Pastors and congregations will probably use congregational funds to do this, as it is a professional and ministry expense for the sake of the church.

More questions?
Please reach out!  I would be happy to share more about coaching and how the synod, including where I serve in Salem Lutheran Church, St. Cloud, can be church together.

Kirsten Nelson Roenfeldt
ELCA Pastor
SWMN Synod Coaching Coordinator
[email protected]
320-200-9295 mobile

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