On Saturday, May 21, the Synod Council voted to cancel the 2022 Synod Assembly due to the inability to attain quorum. Because the Synod Council is the interim legislative authority when there is no Synod Assembly, (Synod Constitution S10.02) all voting matters normally decided by the Assembly are transferred to the Synod Council. These actions include:

  • 2024 Budget
  • 2023 Compensation Guidelines
  • Resolution 22.01
  • Synod Elections

On Monday, June 13, the Synod Council met to prayerfully consider these matters. Here is what you need to know:

2024 Budget
By Synod Council action SC22.06.19, the 2024 Budget was adopted as presented.

History: Guided by the Synod Treasurer, Chuck Engebretson, the Management & Mission Committee (a sub-committee of the Council) spends many hours carefully planning & preparing the Synod Budget each year. The last two years, online hearings for all registered Assembly voting members have provided time for questions, transparency, education, and clarification.  

2023 Compensation Guidelines
By Synod Council action SC22.06.18, the 2023 Compensation Guidelines were adopted as presented.

History: The Compensation Committee annually updates the guidelines to meet the changing needs of Ministers of Word and Sacrament, Ministers of Word and Service, and lay staff members. The committee members take into consideration the changing economy and the difficulties facing both congregations and their leaders. Like the budget, an online hearing was provided for all registered Assembly voting members. Key points in the Compensation Guidelines going forward include: 1) a recommended 5% increase in salary due to rising costs of living, 2) mileage allowance guided by current IRS standards, 3) identification of additional holiday date options from which ministers may choose their designation, 4) a revised worksheet format for planning purposes.

Resolution 22.01: Reviewing On Leave From Call Removal Process
By Synod Council action SC22.06.20, the resolution will be sent to ELCA Church Council.

History: This resolution was passed by the Watonwan River Conference Assembly and was written by Pr. Kelly France. Originally, it was written as a memorial. Memorials address broad policy issues and are brought to Synod Assemblies for adoption. If adopted, they are forwarded to the Office of the Secretary so they can be submitted to the Churchwide Assembly. (If there are other similar memorials, they may be combined). This is important because Synod Assemblies talk to the Churchwide Assembly. Synod Councils talk to the ELCA Church Council. With the cancellation of our Assembly, the Resolution Committee worked with the original author to amend it to an actual resolution directed to the ELCA Church Council for their action.

Assembly Elections
By Synod Council action SC22.06.17, cast unanimous ballot to elect ballot as presented.

  • Synod Council
    • Mr Donn Hoffmann
    • Rev Krista Lee
    • Ms Yvonne Noorlun
  • Consultation Committee
    • Rev Art Wiese
  • Discipline Committee
    • Rev Linda Pedersen
    • Ms Lindy Kaden
  • ELCA Church Council Nominees
    • Ms Kristy Henriksen
    • Ms Pat Branstad

*In the coming weeks we will continue to send more Churchwide Assembly information. Please watch the Synod Enews!

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